About us

Blue Waste to Value (BW2V) is a social enterprise dedicated to creating value from waste. 

Since its inception, BW2V has been working to maximize value from waste by promoting recycling, reducing the amount of waste send to the landfills, and creating green jobs.

Through our projects, we encourage partnerships with like-minded individuals, organizations & commercial establishments to introduce sustainable waste management practices. BW2V and its partners are committed to effective waste management services.



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Our Services

Waste Collection

From households, hotels, businesses, and the community.

Material Recovery Facility - MRF

Receives, segregates & processes recyclable materials.

Reuse & Recycling

Traditional recycling, up cycling of paper waste, composting organic matter.

Waste Collection

We own our vehicle & collection services and collect waste that cannot be recycled.

Our Projects

Awareness Campaign

Safa Tole

Commercial Establishment Projects

Hotel Yak and Yeti

Commercial Establishment Projects

Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

Our Team

  • Varun Saraf

    Varun Saraf

  • Nabin BIkash Maharjan

    Nabin BIkash Maharjan

  • Sneha Singhal

    Sneha Singhal

    Business Developer
  • Ashish Khanal

    Ashish Khanal

  • Suraj Jaiswal

    Suraj Jaiswal

    Assistant Project Manager
  • Jenson Maharjan

    Jenson Maharjan

    Production & Recycling Co-ordinator