“Bigyan Samwad: Solid Waste Management-Challenges and Solutions”

Last 27th August 2019, NAST organized “Bigyan Samwad”, a program on Solid Waste Management: Challenges and Solutions. Honourable Minister Lal Babu Pandit, chief guest of the program, inaugurated the session. Then, different experts presented different topics related to solid waste management followed by discussion, question and answers. The experts include Nabin Bikash Maharjan, CEO of BW2V, Pradeep Amatya, Environmental Engineer of Lalittpur Metropolitan City, Ranjan Kumar Dahal, Professor at NAST and Rabindra Prasad Dhakal, Head of Technical Department at NAST, who presented interesting topics as resource recovery, challenges and opportunities on waste management, use of AHP tool for landfill site evaluation in Bharatpur and the usage of plastics for liquid fuel production.

The second part of the program concluded with a panel discussion, with Prof. Dr. Rameshwor Adhikari, Director of ReCAST, Prof. Dr. Rejina Maskey, CDES, TU, Safala Shrestha, Environment Department and Dr. Rabindra Prashad Dhakal, Head of Technical Department as panellists.

The major highlights of the program were the operational process of BW2V, which can be easily implemented in any municipality and the usage of AHP methodology to select landfill site at any municipality, and the future collaboration between BW2V and NAST to produce liquid fuel from plastics.