A Field visit to Sankhu MRF organized by Lumanti Support Group for Shelter




On the 21st of June, Lumanti Support Group organized a field visit to the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) of Blue Waste to Value at Shankharapur Municipality. There were a total of 28 enthusiastic participants during the visit, including the Ward Chairman of Lalitpur Metropolitan City Ward no. 22, a few members of BARDEC, T.R.C.S. School, and the Lumanti Support Group for Shelter.

Lumanti Support Group for Shelter is an NGO working towards the alleviation of urban poverty in Nepal by improving the shelter conditions. They are involved in projects related to settlement enhancement and housing, WASH, health, education programs, and other research projects. With this visit, they wanted to discover more about the waste management mechanisms and operations at our MRF.

The program started during the afternoon with the formal introduction of both parties and continued with an orientation session conducted by Mr. Ronish Shakya, Community Manager of BW2V. The participants further enjoyed a tour around the segregation area where they could watch our team performing their daily activities.

Visitors were provided with all the needed information regarding the waste management model of Blue Waste to Value, which includes the process of waste collection, waste segregation at the MRF, operational mechanisms, costs, and the required infrastructures to carry out the project.

In retrospect, the field visit was quite a successful one. We received positive responses from everyone and the visitors were looking forward to initiating solid waste management practices in Bungamati. Moreover, the Ward Chairman showed his willingness to further discuss on the same.