BW2V initiating Hospital Waste Management 

General waste management service is what BW2V is providing to its clients since past four years. But today's requirement is not only to manage the general waste but also the hazardous waste that have become the non-negligible issue which is why its management is must. The issue of reckless disposal of hospital waste and health hazard they pose to the people and environment led to the initiation of proper management of those wastes. Taking these things into account, BW2V have now initiated the project of Hospital Waste Management as well. As a pilot project, BW2V have started to manage the waste of People's Life Care Hospital (PLCH) at Sankhu through the concrete steps towards proper disposal of hospital waste including the management of infectious and general waste through proper segregation, collection, storage, sterilization, treatment, recycling and transportation. On August 28, BW2V and PLCH signed an agreement for three years to work together and ensure proper management of general as well as infectious waste generated. After the waste assessment and collection of the basic information regarding waste management system and generation, the proper bin set up and storage has been done. BW2V will be managing the wastes of the hospital to the fullest in coordination with the hospital authorities.