Getting closer to have ZERO on Landfill Waste

One of the projects BW2V is working on is Hotel Waste Management project which provides an environment friendly waste management solutions to hotel in their own premises. And within hotel waste management project, one is Integrated Solid Waste Management of Hotel Yak and Yeti since 2015. With the main objective of managing overall waste and creating the value from waste through segregation, recycling, up-cycling and composting initiatives, the integrated solid waste management at Hotel Yak and Yeti was initiated and is one of the successful projects today. It is first ever hotel in Nepal to practice Integrated Solid Waste Management. 
Hotel Yak and Yeti is a luxurious 5-star deluxe hotel situated in Kathmandu generating an average a ton of diversified waste every single day. BW2V through its systematic system, starting with proper waste segregation at source, regular collection, re-segregation, recycling, composting etc. along with orientation and regular training to the hotel staffs works in managing all the waste generated by hotel. Since past four years, BW2V primarily focused on management of recyclable waste generated from hotel which went very beneficial and succeed to recycle 80 % of total waste. But what is mandatory now is the management of remaining waste because not every waste generated by hotel is recyclable, some of them are non- recyclable and don't not have any options, and are termed as "reject waste" which constitute an average of 20 percent of total waste produced. Previously, these wastes were send to landfill but now the non-negligible issue is unmanaged landfill and the teething troubles faced because of the same. Being aware of ever growing waste sent to landfill and never ending waste disputes, Blue Waste to Value have started to work with the conscious effort to reduce it through the concept of zero waste. Here, zero waste means a vision- a vision to utilize each waste generated from Hotel Yak and Yeti every now and then. From the end of Ashar, 2075, BW2V have initiated the pilot project "Reject Waste Management" with the vision to send zero waste produced by the hotel to landfill. Till date, more than 45 types of reject waste have been identified and segregated into individual category each and is then turned into some useful materials after many steps of treatment and processing which would otherwise be piling up the landfill. With extensive research, experiment and ground work, BW2V is getting close to manage every single waste generated by Hotel Yak and Yeti within its own premises.