Household Solid Waste Management Training at ACP

On Friday, 1st August 2017, Blue Waste to Value (BW2V) organized a one-hour session on Household Solid Waste Management Training to the staffs of Association for Craft Producers (ACP), Ravi Bhawan, Kathmandu. ACP is a socially oriented, commercially viable enterprise providing design, market, management, and technical services to low-income, primarily female, craft producers. The session brought out 120 participants including craft producers, manager, program coordinator as well as other staffs of ACP. After the arrival of BW2V team in ACP, the session inaugurated at 4.3o pm when the manager of BW2V, Mr. Ashish Khanal introduced BW2V to the participants. He spoke about the work done by BW2V and the main objective of that session. The one-hour workshop comprised presentation and interactive knowledge exchange session which included solid waste management technique like segregation, composting, vermicomposting and motivational video & song presentation. The participants got to know more about the types of waste, simple technique of managing the household waste, and recent situation of waste management in Nepal. Mrs. Meera Bhattarai, founder of ACP ended up the program with her final remarks and gratitude towards the work done by BW2V, providing appreciation letter and gifts.

Rasmina Adhikari