One-day workshop on Logical Framework

Blue Waste to Value (BW2V) organized a workshop to create a road map to a larger vision of achieving Sustainable Waste Management for clean and healthy environment. The workshop was organized on 26th June, 2017 at Shangri-la club meeting room in Hotel Yak and Yeti, Durbarmarg and was facilitated by Thryza Dow Manager (Public Policy, Chartered Hotels). Staffs from the different projects (commercial, community and specialized waste management services) of Blue Waste to Value Company made themselves available for a two hour intensive workshop. Mr. Varun Saraf (founder of BW2V) and Mr. Nabin Bikash Mahajan (CEO of BW2V) were also present.

The main objective of the workshop was to understand the scope of the organization’s work as a change agency and the role of each employee towards the larger vision. The session also introduced Logic Model, a popular project planning and evaluation tool of development sector to the members who were encouraged to use it for their own individual projects. The attendees of the workshop actively participated during the discussion session.

Mr. Piyush, DGM (Public Policy, Chartered Hotels) and Mr. Tommy ( Project Manager of Himalayan Museum & Sustainable Park) were guest observers for the workshop but had participated actively, providing their opinions which was very helpful in the decision making process of the vision of the company.