Smart management of waste in Sankhu!

Waste collection, transportation, segregation, re-cycling, up-cycling and disposal is what we normally think of when it comes to manage the waste. Beyond that, there exist smart technologies to increase the efficiency and improve the quality of waste collection services. Companies throughout globe are getting creative when it is about using technology for the better waste management. It’s a fact that we are a late starter but not farther now. Blue Waste to Value have initiated the use of technology for the easiest and smartest management of waste. Shankarapur Waste Management Service is the project of BW2V providing municipal solid waste management which is where there is an initiation of a use of unique code "Thegana Code" to each of the houses that lies within the region. "Thegana Code" is a house code developed by Thegana Services that assists in day to day operation of municipal solid waste management in Sankhu, Shankarapur. The mission of the project "One House One Code" aims to provide code to every single houses of Shankarapur Municipality which will give quality assistance on day to day proper waste collection services. BW2V signed an agreement with Thegana Services which will help in keeping the accurate and up-to-date information maintaining a reliable database on residents, households and institutions of Shankarapur Municipality. Thegana Code not only provides codes but also helps in keeping the general information of every households and institutions which will help in efficient management of waste and assist in achieving the motive to make Sankhu, "a model city".