Training Session on Waste Management at Shree Chandee Adarsha Saral School


On the World Environment Week, last June 6th 2019, Blue Waste to Value in association with Time Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd, conducted a training session on Waste Management at Shree Chandee Adarsha Saral School. The training session had a participation of 27 students from grade 8 and 6 representatives of Time Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd. The program was led by Mr. Ashish Khanal and Miss. Prabina Duwal, Manager and Project Associate of BW2V respectively. The major objective of the training was to aware students about proper waste management practices, which includes waste collection, waste segregation, recycling, and safely dispose of processes.

As the theme of the day was “World Environment Day beat the air pollution”, students were taught about different causes of air pollution through waste, types of waste, the current situation of waste in Nepal, and the functioning of solid waste management systems. During the training, students were given cheats with the name of different types of waste and were requested to place them in the correct color bin (green bin for wet waste, blue bin for dry waste, and the red bin for hazardous waste). The active participation of the students in all the activities prepared by BW2V made of it an interactive and informative session. At last, The Vice Principle of Shree Chandee Adarsha Saral School Mr. Parashu Ram Sharma presented a short inspiring speech to encourage students to share the knowledge gained from this training to their peers.

Overall, the program was a positive learning process and the active participation of students and representatives from Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd made it wonderful.