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Blue Waste to Value Pvt. Ltd. and Blue Technology in association with Lalitpur Metropolitan City – Output Based Aid (OBA), organized a training and knowledge sharing session for the registered scrap dealers and collectors of the project, “Kabaadi at Your Doorstep”. With an agenda to bring together all the associated scrap dealers and collectors on a single platform, the session was aimed towards to creating an environment for fruitful discussions regarding the improvement of solid waste management, effective recyclables recovery from the application along with the highlights on the roles and responsibility of informal waste workers, scrap dealers and collectors. 

In the program, the scrap collectors were provided with uniforms, safety equipment (mask, gloves, and shoes), digital weighting device and ID card of the project Kabaadi at Your Doorstep. We also shared the concept and notes on how Information Technology is simplifying operations across several industries and IT can bring positive impact on recyclable recovery as well as the regular day to day tasks of scrap collectors. We encouraged them to actively participate on learning the new technologies and incorporate them in their works. They were provided with a demo and training on how to use digital weighting machine while they go on collection. The importance of transparency and uniformity on rates was another important topic we discussed along with the importance of uniform and the use of safety equipment. 


The major objectives of the training program are highlighted in the following points:

  • Orientation about the concept of mobile application, Kabaadi at Your Doorstep.
  • Orientation about the use of safety equipment, first-aid measures, uniforms and digital weighting devices for scrap collectors.
  • Distribution of uniform, safety equipment, digital weighting machines and ID cards.
  • Orientation about the concept and mechanisms of Lalitpur Metropolitan City – Output Based Aid. 

Activity Schedule

Registration (Time: 11:45 am to 12:00 pm)

The training program was scheduled on 11:45 am. Registration of total 30 participants which included all the collectors of different scrap dealers was done by Ms. Maya Bishnukhe and was followed by a verbal introduction of each participant along with the resource persons.

Session 1 (Time: 12:00 to 12:30pm)

Mr. Pradeep Amatya, Legal Advisor of OBA started the session by introducing the overall information about Kabaadi at Your Doorstep mobile app and demonstrating the benefits to all the informal waste workers. Main focus of his session was how the app can be useful to all the workers to improve their daily work level. He compared the past and present working strategies of the informal waste workers in order to facilitate the present provisions and the roles provided by the Kabaadi at Your Doorstep project with LMC. He acknowledged the safety measures during work time and importance of preventative methods for healthy life with an example of modern waste collection system based on technology. 

Session 2 (Time: 12:00 to 12:30 pm)

Mr. Suraj Jaisawal, Project Manager of Blue Waste to Value Pvt. Ltd | Blue Technology started by introducing about the Kabaadi at Your Doorstep app which is easy and less time consuming methods for recyclables recovery and giving his views why people will use the app. He explained about the app to all the participants and demonstrated its use. He further elaborated the management and process of systematic recyclables management with quality and financial sustainability through an android app scheme designed to facilitate all the scrap dealers and collectors in their daily transactions. He even illustrated the protocols to be followed by collectors for collection of scrap informed by the Kabaadi at Your Doorstep Project and LMC.  He concluded that collection of solid waste from every corner of LMC will be more effective if all the waste workers can learn to use the “Kabaadi at Your Doorstep mobile and desktop applications”.

Session 3 (12:45 pm -1:45 pm)

Mr. Ashish Khanal, Project Manager of Blue Waste to Value Pvt. Ltd started his session by asking a scrap collector to share his experience on wearing the uniform and going on his daily work followed by sharing the rules that the waste workers should strictly abide by and added that that they should wear the uniform and carry their identity cards without misusing and degrading the value when they go to pick the orders from the application that represents them also as a member of LMC , World Bank and Blue Waste to Value Pvt Ltd which in turn will increase their value at the society regarding their work and give them a sense of responsibility towards the work. 

Collector sharing his experience on wearing the safety Equipment Provided by OBA & BtoV . 

After a short session on its importance, all the collectors and dealers agreed on the rules and the concept of wearing the uniform that will give them a sense of respect and more inclined to work efficiently and honestly. 

Ramita Maharjan representing Jagaruk Mahila Bikash Samuha requested the collectors who collect PET bottles and the milk plastics when they go to pick the orders from the app if possible.

The program concluded with Ms. Geeta Satyal, Deputy Mayor of LMC sharing her thoughts on the importance of safety equipment and role of LMC in this project. She explained why they should wear gloves, shoes while doing their work and distributed the uniform, ID cards, shoes to the participants.