Clean Kirtipur Promotion Fair, 2075 got off to a flying start on last Friday, 7 September at Basketball Court in Nayabazar, Kirtipur. Hosted by Kirtipur municipality and Good Neighbors Nepal in association with Kirtipur Waste Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Clean Nepal, Environment and Public Health Committee, World Vision International – Nepal and Nayabazar Club, the fair lasted for two days. Altogether 23 different stalls with several environment friendly activities and their products were displayed.
Blue Waste to Value had taken over three different stalls with three different projects, Kirtipur Waste Management Service Pvt. Ltd., Kabaadi at your doorstep and Upcycling products. The first stall displayed the procedure on how composting and vermicomposting can be done in small scale in one's house and offices. Different composting bins and vermin-composting bins were kept to show the procedure of the same. The second stall demonstrated "Kabaadi at Your Doorstep" which is a utility mobile application and website that facilitates its users to find the nearest scrap dealers at their location to sell the recyclable waste. Upcycling products made out from the waste materials were displayed in the third one. The fair observed the large participation of almost 1200 people including locals, students and senior citizens and the guest panelist from different organizations working in waste management. It was so interesting to watch people engage in such activities and see just how much they cared about waste management and recycling.