Handover of Bin and Hoarding Board Shankharapur Municipality


In coordination with Shankharapur Municipality, BW2V is setting up integrated waste management system in the municipality office by portraying company’s model for local people. The first steps were carried out on 8 July, when our company initiated a program to deliver the required bins and hoarding boards. For this, Mr. Nabin Bikash Maharjan, CEO of BW2V, handed over a total of 31 bins and 10 hoarding boards to Mr. Surbarna Shrestha, Mayor of Shankharapur Municipality.

The Municipality will adopt the same coloured system for waste segregation at source as recommended by the company,
•    21 blue bins will be placed in the rooms for the collection of dry waste.
•    5 green bins will be kept in the passage of each floor for the collection wet waste.
•    5 red bins will be placed in the toilets for the collection of sanitary napkins/pads.

Along with this, the hoarding boards will deliver the message regarding the Government Act and regulation. BW2V has proposed the strategic points so that the Municipality ensures the message reach the Community.
With this initiative, we are happy to say that the institution will be responsible for managing its own waste at source, while spreading the message to the Community.