Hotel Waste Management – A session to the hotel staffs of Hyatt Regency

Five Star Hotels with their extensive facilities and superior service, are also the place of diversified waste production which yield tons of recyclable and non-recyclable waste during their services. A very happy company Blue Waste to Value is, to manage the overall waste generated by two big five star hotels of Kathmandu, Hotel Yak and Yeti and Hyatt Regency. The overall hotel waste management system includes not only the waste collection, segregation, recycling, composting etc., but also a regular orientation and training to the hotel staffs about the current status of waste management is one of the chief tasks which BW2V does in regular basis. 
Following the same, on 6th September 2018, BW2V organized a session for the hotel staffs to share the achievements, challenges and possible solutions for the effective waste management of Hyatt Regency. Around 30 staffs from respective departments of hotel participated in the session. Team members from BW2V shared the working progress, challenges, further plans and solutions to improvise the effective waste management as well as briefed about the proper waste segregation at source and effective handling of waste to the hotel staffs. The session gave a very interactive environment where the participants were curious and very positive towards the system, BW2V is working on.