Orientation Session on Integrated Solid Waste Management to all representatives of Chaudhary Group


After signing an MOU with Chaudhary Group (CG) for introducing the first E-waste take-back and recycling system in Nepal, the company is initiating Integrated Solid waste Management at their offices in Sanepa, with the technical assistance of BW2V. 

On 8th July 2019, BW2V conducted an orientation session on solid waste management to the representatives of the different departments of CG. Most of the participants did not have any previous knowledge in waste management practices. However, this one-hour training had taught them how to adopt responsible practices while at the office or at home. During the session, Mr. Ashish Khanal, Program Manager of BW2V, explained which types of waste could be recycled, which gave more clarity on the different types of waste that are generated on a daily basis. Participants could also learn the system of segregation source into wet and dry waste that will be implemented in the coming days.

The main objective of implementing proper waste management practices at the source is to enhance recycling, upcycling and reprocessing practices. CG is one of the largest companies of Nepal, and with this initiative, it will become a role model for small companies and therefore to set an example in environmentally responsible practices.