Shankharapur Municipality, OXFAM and ENPHO Officially Handovers Infrastructural Assets to Blue Waste To Value

Blue Waste To Value and Shankharapur Municipality agreed and signed on terms of initiating Solid Waste Management services on 23rd February 2018 with an aim of making the ancient city clean and therefore the services are being provided to the local communities since July 2018. The company is delivering its services with the coordination of the Municipality for proper and legal functioning. 
As soon as the agreement was signed, BW2V started gathering resources required for the development and construction of infrastructure as the major requirement of the waste managing process. The company was aided by the contribution of Municipality for the land of size 763.06 sq. m, which was provided to use and build the required infrastructure until the terms of contract. The company was helped technically by OXFAM and ENPHO also with the financial contribution of around 38% of the total cost and remaining been bear by BW2V for the completion of the Material Recovery Facility (MRF). The utility of this infrastructure is with the motive set by BW2V for waste storage, waste segregation, waste processing and producing compost with packaging. The measures acquired are all environment friendly aspects and guarantees there is no harm with the occupation health and safety provided to the working ground staffs. The MRF has been named as “Compost Production and Processing Centre”.
The program was attended by Shankharapur Municipality’s Mayor Mr. Subarna Shrestha, Deputy Mayor Ms. Sukralaxmi Shrestha, Ward Presidents Mr. Hitman Tamang and Bishnu Prasad Shrestha along with ward members Ms. Chanda Shrestha and Ms. Gyanu Shrestha and from OXFAM, Head of Humanitarian & Disaster Risk Reduction Mr. Shree Bhakta Basnet, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Officer Mr. Suman Gupta and other members of the organization along with ENPHO’s Program Director, Mr. Rajendra Shrestha and Ms. Bhintuna Shrestha had their presence in the program.
The Mayor vowed to help BW2V in any way the municipality can for the progression of its services and gave his best wishes for the company to reach its target. Mr. Shree Bhakta Basnet talked about the Behavior change communication required for the proper functioning and implementation of the service. Ms. Sukralaxmi Shrestha, Deputy Mayor, urged the company to push its limits and start capturing more areas for service initiation.
BW2V has signed contract with the Municipality for the fixed period of time and is hopeful and confident to provide its services for a very long time.