Successful E-waste Collection Drive at Vajra Academy


On 29th May 2019, Vajra Academy handed over e-wastes collected from the students to Blue Waste to Value. Blue Waste to Value and Vajra Academy had organized a training on waste management to the students of grade 7, 8, and 9 followed by a collection drive. In the 10-day collection drive, the school collected different items as mobile phones, electric toys, desktops, heaters, multi-plugs, wires, and many other electronic items. The total amount of E-waste collected was 118 kg.

The Principal of the school, Mr. Udit Bhatta said, "The students were really motivated to participate in the collection drive. I really feel that other schools should organize such events and contribute to the proper recycling of e-waste."

Ompiece KC, a grade 7 student said, "I brought two mobiles and one damaged remote control for the collection drive. I told my parents about what I had learnt from the E-waste training. They were very surprised to know the actual situation of e-waste. So, when I asked for the devices, they were very positive".

This is a beginning to many of the collection drives that Blue Waste to Value is planning to organize. Our main objective is to aware the students about the e-waste and its management, and the importance of formal recycling process. We believe that by educating the students, we are educating their friends, family, and the next generation of aware citizens.