Teacher Training at CEA School on Integrated Solid Waste Management of school

On 12th April, 2019 BW2V conducted a training on Integrated Solid Waste Management for all the teachers of CEA School.  The main objective of one-hour session was to flow the information and make habit of waste segregation practices in all the students with the guidance of the teachers. BW2V provided a short presentation to the school teachers about school waste management model. The session covered the idea about the teacher’s guidance to the students for proper waste management practices and the also implementation of the school waste management model in the school. The program was led by Mr. Ashish Khanal, Manager of Bw2v and Miss. Prabina Duwal, Project Associate of BW2V. The session started with an energizer game with informative knowledge. All the participants were so active and the session was interactive as expected. Mr. Ashish Khanal explained about the waste management model at school with solid waste management policies, also he presented small scale of composting method and waste segregation process in basic level. He enclosed all the subject matter of solid waste management and how we can get rid out of it.  At last he concluded the program with a fact that waste is not the problem and we learning the process of systematic management is important rather than to take it as a burden. Overall the program was good and the active participation of teacher made it wonderful!