Training session on Integrated Hotel Waste Management at Kathmandu Marriott Hotel


On the 11th July 2019, BW2V conducted a training session on Integrated Hotel Waste Management for the hotel staff of Kathmandu Marriott Hotel where Blue Waste to Value have recently started to provide waste management services. The training was facilitated by Ashish Khanal and Rasmina Adhikari, Project Manager and Associate respectively. 

Employees from different departments of the hotel participated in the training. The training was focused on the proper waste segregation at source and effective handling of waste to the hotel staff. Ashish Khanal shared the working progress, challenges, further plans and solutions for the effective waste management. He further briefed about the current waste management scenario of Nepal, especially Kathmandu valley.

The session provided an interactive environment where the participants were curious and very positive towards the system BW2V is working on. The major objective of the training was to make the respective hotel staffs trained and aware about the source segregation and handling of the waste that gets generated from hotel. BW2V will be conduct more sessions regularly to achieve proper source segregation and handling of waste by the hotel.