Blue Waste To Value Pvt. Ltd. (BW2V) is a social enterprise committed to generate value from waste. BW2V is looking for an aspiring 'Documentation and Executive Manager' to prepare Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and supervise different functional areas of the enterprise.

Job Description:

  1. Make sure that company achieves its objectives of streamlining the company and its operations, making strong SOPs, communicating those SOPs and building a strong brand identity.
  2. Observe the working scenario, report, and document, create manuals and present the observations and recommendations to the team along with conducting training sessions based on them.
  3. Involve in field visits, observe employees in the field, employees in the office, clients along with other stakeholders and record all the observations and present them.
  4. Create Documents, with help from Operations Team, on the following Workflow in field:
    1. Process flow for each vertical.
    2. SOPs – formalize standard operation procedures
      1. For different departments
      2. Different client categories
      3. Any other SOPs
    3. Training manuals
      1. Employees
      2. Clients
    4. HR
      1. Org structure
      2. Job responsibilities
      3. Manpower: usage + documentation
      4. Suggestions for proper manpower allocation
    5. Communication documents
    6. Brand guidelines
      1. make templates
      2. standard documents for all SOPS
      3. standard documents for all stationery
      4. standard documents for all marketing collateral
    7. Fix the website + social media, create an online ecosystem
    8. Brand templates - e.g. emailers
      1. presentations - e.g. communication document for different types of clients, how to personalize it or tweak it
  5. Undertake the following activities:
    1. Conduct trainings on the Manuals & Documents created
    2. Tweak the documents as per feedback from the trainings
    3. Formalize all reports
    4. Hand over to Operations Team

Job Specifications:

Qualification: Master's Degree in Laws (LL.M.) from a reputed institute and international recognition. Knowledge in other areas as marketing or design is highly appreciated.

Experience: At least 2 years of working experience in preparing documentation for enterprises.

Language proficiency: English. Those with fluency in Spanish and any other European language are highly preferred since the enterprise aims to incorporate foreign donors for expansion of waste management services.

Other requirements: International experience, passionate about development and social change, excellent research and writing skills.

Duration of employment: 2 Years.

Application Deadline: April 15, 2019

Interested candidates can mail their CV
with cover letter to