E-Waste Management

The fraction of e-waste in Nepal is in a growing trend. However, due to a lack of proper recycling facilities, the e-waste is being recycled haphazardly- causing serious impacts on the environment and on human health. Thus, with an objective to create a healthier environment and to promote a circular economy, we at BW2V are now working to solve this fraction of waste. We will collect your E-WASTE and make sure they are recycled properly.

What exactly falls under E-waste?

Any broken, obsolete, or discarded electrical or electronic devices which have reached the end of their useful life are called as e-waste. It can include laptops, mobile, television, refrigerators, printer, wires, CD, speakers, electric toys, or any other electrical or electronic devices.

Why is it important to recycle E-waste?

The major problem of e-waste is its associated toxic components like acids, heavy metals, carcinogenic chemicals, and toxic gases. The release of these components directly into the environment causes harmful effects to the entire biota. These releases can cause diseases related to skin, respiration, intestine, immune, endocrine, and nervous systems including cancers to the human beings. Thus, by recycling the e-waste, we are not only protecting the environment, but also securing a healthy life for us and our future generations.

Our Objectives:

  • To collect the e-waste from different sources and then process for efficient resource recovery and environmental problem prevention.
  • To create an aware society where reusing and recycling of electrical and electronic appliances will be of upmost priority.
  • To create a circular economy, utilizing the electrical and electronic appliances after its end-of-life as recycled raw materials.

How we work?

  • Gift us your e-waste
  • Barter with our repaired devices
  • Sell us your e-waste

For scheduling a pick-up:

  1. Please fill up the form to Schedule a Pick-Up
  2. Call us at 9801149997 (Can also be contacted via Viber or Whatsapp)
  3. Email us at info@bw2v.com

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