Integrated Hotel Waste Management at Hotel Ambassador by ACE HotelsĀ 

The diverse waste generation goes parallel with the luxurious and extensive facilities that hotel provides to its guests, proper management of which is basic. Many big hotels are taking the green initiative towards reducing and recycling the waste generated during their services. Hotel Ambassador by ACE hotels have also taken initiative to manage the waste by themselves. Choosing Blue Waste to Value as a recycling partner, Hotel Ambassador by ACE hotels signed an agreement to work together for sustainable waste management.
Blue Waste to Value have started to provide its service to the hotel through its systematic system, starting with proper segregation at source, regular collection, recycling and composting from the beginning of this October. Starting with the waste assessment, bin monitoring, bin placement, visibilities and many steps of trainings to hotel staffs, the integrated waste management at the hotel have been started. For this, hotel has a separate segregation unit where the source-segregated waste generated from different departments of hotels get re-segregated into different major categories which is then send to respective units for re-cycling and up-cycling. With the major focus on source segregation and making the staffs as well as guests to understand the value of waste, the integrated hotel waste management has been introduced in Hotel Ambassador which will definitely help in achieving our goal to eradicate waste send to landfill.