Successful and satisfactory waste management by a Tech. Company

Tech. companies like Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd. are known for their quick service in providing technologies but they also need to be clean and keep their cost down. On the way to its commitment to waste reduction, Janaki Technology installed a sustainable waste management service provided by Blue Waste to Value which came to be an innovative solution of waste management to them. After multiple waste assessment and discussion, BW2V conducted proper waste management training for office staffs including source segregation, reusing, and vermicomposting.Prior to the involvement of BW2V, all the trashes used to go together in a mixed form to a random scrap dealers and now a decentralized waste management system has been commenced.
However after two months of a trial and a lots of failure in proper management of waste, now Janaki Technology is managing the waste by themselves with a very good initiation. It has successfully accomplished the first phase of vermicomposting with a very good upshot. With a regular assistance, monitoring and evaluation, BW2V is facilitating Janaki Technology a proper guidance towards an integrated waste management system. A happy client, Janaki Technology is and BW2V, a happy waste management team!