Kirtipur Waste Management Services

Kirtipur Waste Management Services

BW2V partnered with Kirtipur's Society for Environmental Conservation (SEC) in order to create a community-based SPV called Kirtipur Waste Management Service (KWMS). SEC provides services such as collection, segregation & processing to ensure a proper and environmentally friendly household waste management program. This is facilitated and enhanced by BW2V’s financial, technical, and managerial support.

KWMS aims to transform the way household waste is collected and managed. It was formed in 2015 in Paanga, the western part of Kirtipur.

KWMS's Objectives

  •  Provide a sustainable and integrated waste management service.
  •  Provide door to door waste collection services to all households in the community.
  •  Reduce environmental damage and degradation by proper segregating & processing.
  •  Comply with Kirtipur's Solid Waste Management Act and the 2013 Local Governance Framework.
  • Set an example of how waste management service can be provided with local participation and how they can make an impact on the community.

As a social enterprise, BW2V focuses on inclusive development, where all the stakeholders' common interests are addressed in the waste management industry. This is achieved by ensuring joint participation, where BW2V brings technical, financial & managerial resources, and continues to work together with local players.

Waste Management at KWMS

In the past, the municipal waste collection service used to pick up waste from the households, and directly transfer it to the landfill, without any segregation or recycling. After taking over, KWMS began providing door-to-door waste collection services using its own vehicle and bringing the waste to the waste recovery center for segregation. The waste here is either reused or recycled, and only the rejected waste is transferred to the landfill. By reducing the waste sent to the landfill, we are minimizing the negative environmental impact by 70%. It's a simple process.

  • Households segregate their own waste into wet or dry waste in separate containers - called source segregation.
  • KWMS collects waste from your house and brings it to our facility
  • Waste is processed and separated into three categories
    • Wet, organic waste -> Made into Compost Sold or used in our facility's garden
    • Dry, Recyclable waste -> Sorted and sent to a recycling facility.
    • Dry, Non-Recyclable waste -> Sent to the landfill.

KWMS Accomplishments

  •  Collected 1313 tons of waste from wards number 5, 6, and 7 in Panga from 900 number of households.
    •  Wet, organic waste -> Made into Compost Sold or used in our facility's garden
    •  Dry, Recyclable waste -> Sorted and sent to a recycling facility.
  •  Reached 80% compliance in households who segregate their waste.
  •  Overall, we have reduced the amount of waste that goes to landfills by 80%!

Contact Details

Address: Panga, Kirtipur, Nepal