About Us

Blue Waste to Value (BW2V) is a social enterprise dedicated to creating value from waste. Rapid urbanization in Kathmandu valley made the government difficult in addressing the waste in proper manner waste and there were also several not for profit organizations working in an informal manner. Seeing this opportunity BW2V was created idea of establishing proper waste management system & procedure for the Kathmandu Valley. Since its inception, BW2V has been working to maximize value from waste by promoting recycling, reducing the amount of waste send to the landfills, and creating green jobs.
BW2V became Private Limited organization after registering in the Office of Company Registrar, under the Ministry of Industry in July 2014. As an enterprise focusing on waste management, BW2V has taken advantage of the Government Public-Private Partnership to launch various projects and encourage partnerships with like-minded individuals, organizations and commercial establishments to introduce sustainable waste management practices. BW2V has been able to capitalize on this policy by using the support, resources, and knowledge from both sectors to establish sustainable waste management models.
BW2V are committed in: 

  • Collection
  • Segregation
  • Processing: reuse and recycling
  • Logistics & Disposal Services
  • Door to door collection 

As a social enterprise, BW2V focuses on inclusive development where all the stakeholders' common interest are addressed in the waste management industry. This is achieved by ensuring joint participatory model where BW2V brings technical, financial & managerial resources & continue to work together with the local players.

Mission Statement

"Reduce the waste that is sent to the Landfill." Transform waste into valuable raw material rather than reject material which has to be disposed. We work through partnership and create value for all our stake holders."

Vision Statement

We want to be a leading waste management service provider in Nepal.

Our Team

  • Varun Saraf

    Varun Saraf

  • Nabin BIkash Maharjan

    Nabin BIkash Maharjan

  • Sneha Singhal

    Sneha Singhal

    Business Developer
  • Ashish Khanal

    Ashish Khanal

  • Suraj Jaiswal

    Suraj Jaiswal

    Assistant Project Manager
  • Jenson Maharjan

    Jenson Maharjan

    Production & Recycling Co-ordinator