BW2V and YSETC seek to provide a solution to Used Lead Acid Batteries


About 24,000 tonnes of Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) were produced in Nepal in 2015. This shocking figure is largely due to the efficiency and affordability of this type of variety (ie. vehicles batteries, solar batteries, inverters), what makes of it an endogenous mean to store electricity. However, when no disposed and treated properly, the acid of this batteries poses serious risks to our health and the environment surrounding us. Some of these risks include adverse effects on the nervous systems, renal systems, bone function, and vitamin D metabolism, reproductive health, and blood pressure, among others.

In an attempt to provide a solution to this problem, Blue Waste to Value Pvt. Ltd. (BW2V) and Yunnan Surpass Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. (YSETC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for establishing a Used Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plant in Nepal. The MOU was signed on 26th June 2019 between Mr. Nabin Bikash Maharjan, CEO of BW2V, and Mr. Cao Huaiwei, CEO and General Manager of YSETC. We feel very positive about this partnership and the social benefits that may bring to Nepal.

Having signed this agreement, both parties have started the required groundworks to make this project a success. The project shall establish a full-fledged ULAB recycling plant that recycles the lead-acid battery in an environment-friendly manner while promoting a circular economy.