A Stall of waste made products by BW2V in AWON Christmas Bazar

The annual AWON Christmas Bazar organized by AWON (Active Women of Nepal) was held on December 1st at Soaltee Crown Plaza. The event displayed a variety of stalls including a locally produced good directly from the producers themselves and lots of small stalls mostly handicrafts, pashminas, pottery, food and other stalls making it a perfect Christmas shop.  Blue Waste to Value also kept its stall at the event and displayed waste made handicrafts like decorative items, ornaments, candles, decorative boxes, glass products and many more. All the products displayed by Blue Waste to Value included the items exclusively made out of waste materials which was the unique part of the event. Displaying the unique products, Blue Waste to Value not only earned the cash reward but also the motivation, encouragement and applause from the costumers. Yet more, AWON Christmas Bazar was a good platform for the producers to come to the public with their services and products.