Shankharapur Waste Management Service

With a view to expand its services, BW2V, in coordination with Shankarapur Municipality have started Shankarapur Waste Management Service as one of the new community waste management projects. This Municipality is newly formed and located in the north-east of Kathmandu valley. With lack of proper waste management system in the Municipality before, BW2V, with a view to not only manage wastes but also to develop as a model city, has already started its services in the core community of Shankharapur which is Sankhu. The main motive of our service is to manage all the wastes of the municipality without sending any wastes to landfill and making this project a model of Municipal Solid Waste Management.
The waste management service in Sankhu follows BW2V's systematic method to start with the source segregation of wastes into dry and wet in each individual house which is then collected from each households by BW2V's waste collection vehicle by the help of our waste collecting staffs in respective days i.e. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for dry wastes with Wednesday & Thursday for biodegradables. The collected wastes are then brought to BW2V's Material Recovery Facility (MRF) which is the central collection unit of all the wastes collected from the community. The wastes are then re-segregated into various categories with dry recyclables sent to recycling facility and biodegradables reprocessed to make compost manure by composting machine and vermin-composting procedure. The remaining non-recyclables are further processed ensuring no waste is send to landfill. The MRF is made environmental friendly by plantation to reduce foul smell and keeping the segregation and collection area separately. The waste handling staffs are provided with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their safety during work and also for the identity. On top of this, BW2V is encouraging community people to segregate their wastes at their own houses. Beside this, to achieve our major goal to make Shankarapur Municipality a "waste free zone" BW2V conducts clean-up campaign and awareness programs periodically.
Since the Municipality consist of various health care facilities which generate infectious wastes that are harmful to the general public, BW2V has developed a separate approach to deal with such infectious wastes by helping hospitals to sterilize those wastes inside the periphery and then only to be collected by the company for further processing. 
Also for schools BW2V is developing a new approach to manage the wastes so that the base of source segregation is set during the life developing years of the children and moreover they can also help their family to source segregate the wastes that can be delivered separately during the collection time.
Thus, BW2V is working not only to collect the wastes generated from the community but also simultaneously working to sensitize the importance of the waste management from each and every unit of the community.